2 år siden

Cherry picking

Strictly, we can do our thinking in two ways. We can truly search for the truth in our world – be scientific, or we can just go with the flow of our thoughts in an uncoordinated, almost careless way – be unscientific.

Samuel Hahnemann is the former of homeopathy, where the main points are:

  1. Like cures like
  2. Dilution
  3. Succussion

And while a lot of people might say that this is not scientific – well, in the way of having enough evidence from valid, reliable and generalized studies. But in my work, I do on the side of my studies, as a passionated, mainly self-trained, health adviser, I meet people. I meet people in their everyday. I look them in their eyes. I hear their stories from a whole other view. A view that doctors probably never get close to. And a view that I’ll probably never see again as a psychologist.

Because what I see, is unfiltered, real humans. Humans who are not afraid of telling me things because they, hopefully most of them, know that I’m not judging them. I cannot judge their opinions, thoughts or emotions. It’s like my position there, of knowing less, makes me more human.

A lot of people who come there, in a health store, know that the work is on their shoulders. They’ve had hard experience – and often doctors, psychologists or other scientific faces did not help them. Actually, they often feel like they did the exact opposite. Maybe the doctor suggested them to use medication that gave them huge, bad side effects. Or maybe their suggestions simply didn’t help – because medication does not always help. Or maybe these people actually ask for more alternative help. This is where we strive for thinking in a way too strictly way. Put ourselves into a box of either scientific or not. If it’s not 100 % certain, we (especially doctors and other crowned people) do not value anything good from it. Well, it may not be everyone who is helped by Chamomilla Comp. for their anxiety or stress, but quite a lot of people are getting help. And since we’re quite a lot of different people with a lot of tiny differences, it’s pretty logical to me that we cannot generalize – anything. Even pain killers help differently. Some might not even get any help from them. And then we’re back to the very best placebo. To me, the very best self healing, we just need to be aware of – and use its full capacity of.

So why take away people’s hopes? When they come to me, in a simple alternative health store, they’re drained. They just want to get better, and if that is the case – why not try to help in all possible forms and ways? My experience is, when they find an alternative approach, they often come back happy. Which is the essence, right?

So is a box of perfectly generated box of knowledge really worth it, if we end up throwing away possible chances? To me, it sounds like there’s something more to it.

And deep from my heart, I do not hope money is a part of that game. No matter what, I believe we can do better. We can do better in finding a balance of picking the strategies that help us – whether they’re 100 % or 75 % valid and reliable. The good way of cherry picking.